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M88DDR4DB01 - Gen1 DDR4 Data Buffer (DB)

M88DDR4DB01 is a dual 4-bit bidirectional data buffer with differential strobes designed for 1.2V VDD operation. The device has a dual 4-bit host bus interface that is connected to a memory controller and a dual 4-bit DRAM interface that is connected to two x4 DRAMs. It also has an input-only control bus interface that is connected to a DDR4 register buffer. This interface consists of a 4-bit control bus, two dedicated control signals, a voltage reference input and a differential clock input.

All DQ inputs are pseudo-differential with an internal voltage reference. All DQ outputs are VDD terminated drivers optimized to drive single or dual terminated traces in DDR4 LRDIMM applications. The differential DQS strobes are used to sample the DQ inputs and are regenerated internally for driving out the DQ outputs on the opposite side of the device.

The control inputs BCOM[3:0], BCKE and BODT are sampled by the clock inputs BCK_t and BCK_c. M88DDR4DB01 also supports dedicated pins for ZQ calibration and for parity and sequence error alerts.


Compliant with JEDEC DDR4DB01 standard

Speed up to DDR4-2400

Bidirectional retiming and 1:1 redriving of DDR4 data (DQ) signals

Regeneration of data strobe (DQS) signals from input clock

FIFOs on the DQ path for decoupling Host and DRAM interface time domains

Up to four package ranks supported

Package rank timing alignment supported on the Host interface

x4 DRAM devices supported

Internally generated VrefDQ and independent control on Host interface and DRAM interface

VDD voltage support: 1.2V

Parity error checking and sequence error checking on the BCOM interface

DQ/MDQ input and output characteristics configurable through control registers

Constant propagation delay from input clock to output DQ/MDQ with VT variations

ZQ calibration of Ron and IBT values

Synchronous ODT mode supported including a RTT_PARK feature (in addition to RTT_NOM and RTT_WR)

Various DQ calibration support features

Per DRAM Addressability (PDA) feature supported by transferring write data transactions from the Host interface to the DRAM interface during MRS commands issued to the DRAMs

Per Buffer Addressability (PBA) feature supported for BCW write access commands

Programmable write and read preamble (1tCK mode and 2tCK mode)

Read Preamble training feature supported on the host interface

BCW read mode and MPR read override mode supported

No reset pin and device will enter a reset state when both BCK_t and BCK_c are LOW and BCKE is HIGH

Input clock frequency change and dual frequency context switching supported

Different power saving modes such as CKE low power mode, CK stop mode, etc

Low power consumption

Memory Bist and transparent mode supported

Green package: Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA)

High-performance DDR4 LRDIMM

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