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M88MB6000 - DDR3 Memory Buffer (MB)

M88MB6000 is a Memory Buffer (MB) that supports DDR3 SDRAM based Load Reduced DIMM (LRDIMM) memory systems. Besides buffering of the Command, Address, Control and Clock signals like DDR3 Register Buffer (SSTE32882), the MB also buffers the Data (DQ) interface between the Memory Controller and the DRAM components, and provides extra features such as ODT processing, rank multiplication, address mirroring, control registers accessible over SMBus, and advanced test and calibration capabilities, etc.

The M88MB6000 device reduces the data electrical load at the Memory Controller interface, so that the DDR3 LRDIMM can provide large memory capacities by the improved DPC (DIMMs per channel) capability along with a faster speed and higher density than capable on a standard RDIMM. All memory control for the DRAMs resides in the host including memory request initiation, timing, scrubbing, sparing, and power management. The MB interface is responsible for memory requests to and from the local DIMM.


Compliant with JEDEC DDR3 Memory Buffer specification

Speed up to DDR3-1866

Registering and 1:2 redriving DDR3 command, address and parts of control buses

Bidirectional retiming and 1:1 redriving of DDR3 data (DQ) signals

Regeneration of data strobe (DQS) signals from input clock

Generating clocks for DRAMs with a PVT stable phase relation to the input clock and redriven command, address and control signals

Octal physical ranks supported

x4 and x8 DRAM devices supported

SMBus for read/write access to control registers

On-die temperature sensor, accessible over SMBus

Capability to supply reference voltage source for DRAMs

Support for personality bytes

Low power consumption

1.5V, 1.35V and 1.25V VDD

Green package: 588-ball FBGA

Command/Address Processing

Control word write procedure
Parity checking on command/address (CA) signals
Input bus termination (IBT) of the CA signals
CKE power management and clock stopped power-down mode
Dual frequency operation
Soft CKE mode
Refresh stagger supported
Re-generation of ODT for DRAM interface
Rank multiplication modes
Address/command/control net pre-launch and post-launch
4 independent CKE outputs for DRAM
8 independent chip select (CS) outputs for DRAM
Normal (300-1066MHz) and test mode (70-300MHz) frequencies
Programmable driver characteristics for DRAM interface
Weak drive mode of CA signals to save power
DRAM address inversion and MRS 3T timing mode

Data Processing

One bidirectional data and data strobe DRAM interface
One bidirectional data and data strobe memory controller interface
72 data and 18 differential data strobe signals
FIFOs for decoupling controller and DRAM interface time domains
Two timing modes for controller interface: minimum latency and minimum skew
Standard DDR3 DRAM requirements for the controller interface I/Os
Optimized low power I/Os for the DRAM interface
Write leveling support for the controller interface
On-chip calibration engine for DRAM interface read/write leveling and DQ/DQS relation

DFx Features

Transparent mode
Memory BIST
Voltage margin test
Error injection

High-performance DDR3 servers


Storage systems

Networking equipment

High-end desktop computers

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