HSDIMM? Products

Hybrid Security DIMMs are DIMM devices built with Montage proprietary Mont-ICMT? (Inspection & Control on Memory Traffic) technology to provide data security for high-end server platforms in data centers. Montage has launched two series of security DIMMs (HSDIMM? and HSDIMM?-Lite) to meet different data security requirements in various application environments.HSDIMM Product List

HSDIMM? (Hybrid Security DIMM)

Based on JEDEC DDR4 LRDIMM architecture, HSDIMM? is designed with Montage proprietary Mont-ICMT? technology to provide real-time tracing on both command/address and data to enhance data security in servers. As a main component of Montage Jintide? server platform, HSDIMM? works together with the Jintide? CPU to implement dynamic security check at silicon level for data centers that require a high level of data security.

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HSDIMM?-Lite (Hybrid Security DIMM-Lite)

HSDIMM?-Lite is an RDIMM type security DIMM based on JEDEC DDR4 RDIMM architecture. This type of DIMM has a built-in Security Authorization Management (SAM) mechanism to enable command/address tracing and data protection for memory systems. It supports monitoring of memory transactions, blocking of unauthorized commands, and recording of unauthorized access information for tracing and analysis. HSDIMM?-Lite provides a DIMM-level data security solution for the memory systems of cloud computing servers.

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